Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pottering Around

Pots are a fantastic and practical decoration for all homes. Lindy Evans from Windemere Interiors says there are endless possibilities for pots around the home, either as decoration or practical use. "Pots give a wonderful extra dimension to a space. A pot with a lush, flowering plant or pungent herbs creates fresh life and colour, while an urn or large decorative oriental pot creates texture and interest."

Here are some of Lindy's favourite ideas for pots in the home.
  • Use a collection of large pots in different heights and sizes to dress up a bare corner.
  • Fresh herbs in pots or flower boxes in the kitchen are practical and look and smell divine.
  • Instead of a table runner, place a series of small pots along the centre of the table.
  • Use pots as gold fish bowls for a interesting addition to an East Meets West theme.
  • A pot with decorative sticks or a dramatic flower arrangement can be a feature in a wall niche with a spotlight.
  • Pots can dress up cold and sterile space such as bathrooms and laundries.
  • Large pots can make dramatic landscapes for the outdoors. Use with plants or as a water feature.
Pots are a versatile and practical decoration for styles and themes within the home. Below is an inspiration gallery for use of pots around the home.

Inspiration Gallery

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Coastal Inspiration

Influenced by the surrounding coastal lifestyle of North Sapphire Beach, this fresh, breezy home has been decorated with the "Beach Life" interior theme by Windemere Interiors.

Drawing inspiration from the sandy beaches, cool sea breezes and ocean waters, Beach Life is created by a fresh combination of whites, sands and blue accents with textures of natural timbers and fibres.

Windemere Interiors designer Lindy Evans says the Beach Life theme creates a little island paradise in your home, reminiscent of the retro beach shacks and summer holidays. "Like the old style beach huts, we've used a palette of sand and white to reflect the natural light streaming throughout the home. It creates a cool and calming environment and neutral canvas for the blue accents," says Lindy. "Cool blue accents from the teal of the shallow waters to the indigo of the depths of the ocean add splashes of colour, while contrasting reds and greens create freshness and vibrancy."

Furniture in natural and washed timbers combined with woven wicker and rattan for texture while over-stuffed cushions in light, natural fabrics are piled across couches and beds for a casual and comfortable feel. Decorator accents of driftwood, rope and coral complete the nautical theme, creating a charming and coastal home.

This home is currently on display at 2 Green Bluff Road, North Sapphire Beach NSW 2450

Inspiration Gallery