Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Breakfast Bar Wake Up!

Breakfast bars have become an essential element in today's kitchen. A relaxing spot for a casual meal or a comfy spot for family and guests to gather while meals are being prepared, there are endless options for unique breakfast bars.

There are many styles of breakfast bars to suit your family kitchen. A breakfast bar with a gabled edge will create a neat space to tuck stools under.  A shadowline will make the benchtop look like it's floating. A lowline extension can create a compact dining space and you could do away with the meals area all together.

There are many benchtop options and they can create a feature of your kitchen. Stone benchtops are hardwearing and create a classic look to the kitchen. Essa Stone, Caesarstone, granite, reconstituted stone and marble are just a few of stone materials that can be used. Other options include solid timber, glass, stainless steel and resin.

Storage can be incorporated into breakfast bars as well. Narrow cupboards can be built into the front space for glasses and cups or open shelving can be used to display wine or kitchen ornanents. The options are only limited by your imagination.

If you are building a new home or renovating a kitchen and after some inspiration or clever ideas with breakfast bar space, speak to the team at Windemere Interiors today.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Festive Cheer at the Christmas Table

Bring a little festive cheer to the table at Christmas with some easy themes:


Rich, scarlett reds and glimmery golds will add that traditional touch to your table. A simple red runner down the table with a gold reindeer centrepiece and some gold baubles is an easy way to dress up the table.


Fabulous if you're planning an outdoor Christmas setting, just grab a few things from your backyard and Bob's your uncle. Rectangles of hessian make rustic placemats and old tin with cuttings of gum tree branches makes fragrant and authentic centrepieces. Napkins tied with string with a bottle brush and gum nuts tucked in adds a finishing touch.

White Christmas

It doesn't snow here, but there's no reason you can't have a white Christmas. White everything is the order here, with a white tablecloth, runner, placemats and napkins. Add a sprinkling of glitter and some shimmery white baubles to reflect the falling snow.


Yeah baby! Trip the plastic fantastic and decorate your Christmas table in high gloss, retro plastic in bold, festive colours. A vinyl tablecloth with shiny placemats makes a super retro canvas for brighly colour plastic plates and cutlery. Add some fake plastic holly and fake flowers and you are ready to par-tay!

On a final note for 2011, everyone at Windemere Interiors would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Beach Life

Summon the coastal vibe to your home with the comfortable and casual theme that is Beach Life.

Inspired by the sandy beaches, cool sea breezes and ocean waters, Beach Life is created by a fresh combination of whites, sands and blue accents.

Windemere Interiors designer Edam Triffett says a Beach Life Theme creates a little holiday paradise in your home. “The fresh colours and natural fabrics in this theme are reminiscent of the ultimate beach holiday home. Casual and relaxing, it’s a little coastal escape, even if you’re in the middle of the city.”

To recreate this theme in your home, create a neutral canvas of whites and sands with highlights of ocean blue. Combine furniture in soft grained and lime washed timbers or woven wicker. Pile casually with over-stuffed cushions in light, natural fabrics. Add a few nautical decorator accents of driftwood and model ships.

Shells collected from beach holidays can be displayed in glass bowls filled with sand to decorate entrance ways, side boards and bookshelves.

Outside, minimalist landscaping with grasses emulate coastal sand dunes while a hammock and deck chairs create a private little spot to laze in the breeze.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Meet the Designer - Edam Triffett

Stunning converted warehouses in Amsterdam, loft apartments in New York, terraces in London and beachside holiday houses in Tasmania are just a few of the architectural influences that have inspired designer Edam Triffett’s interiors.

Through his first career as an international flight attendent, Edam used every spare second on overnight stays to soak up the local architecture and interiors. This was in preparation for a move to his other passion in interior design.
Returning to Australia to study in Sydney, Edam has previously worked with Leigh Eliot Interior Design. Since joining the Windemere Interiors team, Edam has designed some stunning interiors, including award winning display homes, apartments and elegant homes.

At the risk of sounding clich├ęd, Edam describes his personal style as eclectic, “Your home should evolve to reflect your current mood and lifestyle, while still reminding you of where you’ve been and what you’ve achieved,” he said.

Known for his simple and elegant style with a strong focus on practicality and individuality, Edam is in demand for everything from small renovations through to full scale home interiors and magazine styling.

Edam can be contacted at Windemere Interiors on 1300 606 400.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bathtub Beauties

Classic clawfoot or contemporary freestanding stone, bathtubs can create a stunning feature in your bathroom as well as a haven of relaxation.

There are several styles of bathtubs. Freestanding, built in and hob mounted are the most popular.

Placement and space available may dictate where and what type of bathtub options are available. If you have the space available, a freestanding bath would look fantastic however if you’re tight on space, a corner bathtub may be more suitable.

Bathtubs come in a variety of options to suit every budget. These are mostly dependant on the materials used. In order of budget to blow-the-budget, bathtubs come in enamel, fibreglass, acrylic, cast iron, soap stone and copper. Spa and whirpool bathtubs are also popular with luxury bathrooms.

A good budget idea to tie in with your bathroom’s theme is to use an acrylic bath and build it into a hob using the same tiles as the rest of the bathroom.
Don’t forget the tapware to complete the bathtub look. Sleek, chrome tapware will suit a contemporary looking bathtub, while brass fittings would perfectly finish a claw foot bathtub in a Queenslander or Victorian style home.

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly renovated rooms and the right style of bathtub can add stylish impact on the space. If you are considering renovating a bathroom or are building a new home, the team at Windemere Interiors can help you find the perfect bathtub.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Splashback Splendour

Kitchen splashbacks are not only practical, but can be a feature in itself. Originally designed to protect plasterboard or timber behind the cooking space from splashes and dirt, the modern splashbacks have become an integral part of the design of the kitchen.

There are many materials that can be used for splashbacks. Tiles are the most commonly used and with an endless selection available, it’s easy to find ones that suit your style and budget. It’s also easy to carry that theme to other parts of the home including the bathroom or laundry.

Glass splashbacks have become very popular in recent times. Easy to clean and hard wearing they come in naturally tinted green, solid colours, metallic colours and you can even have photo printed glass splashbacks.

Edam Triffett from Windemere Interiors say splashbacks can be both a design feature and a practical application. “There’s an endless range of splashback options and that means you will always find something that suits your style,” he said. “If you choose for the splashback to be your feature, ensure it doesn’t clash with anything else by making the remaining cabinetry a neutral tone, like a canvas.”

This above kitchen was designed by Windemere Interiors and features a striking glass splashback in “Burnt Toffee”. To ensure the cabinetry didn’t compete with the bold colour, neutral tones of warm cream and coffee were used.

If you’d like a change in your kitchen, updating the splashback could be a quick and simple solution. Speak to the team at Windemere Interiors about the options available.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Setting a realistic budget

Setting a realistic budget for interior decorating will help you achieve your decorating goals without blowing the budget.

A beautifully dressed room like the ones you see in magazines have so many elements working together to create that look. When creating your own look, there are definite advantages to setting a realistic budget.

While your large furniture items are relatively easy to budget for, it’s the smaller decorative items that finish and dress a room that can add up quickly and blow the budget. For example when it comes to a lounge room, it’s easy to budget for a lounge, coffee table and a couple of lamps. but to fully dress a room, you also need to account for cushions, rugs, maybe some photo frames, side tables and perhaps a decorative bowl. that all adds up.

Edam Triffett from Windemere interiors says setting a realistic budget for your entire project will help to avoid disappointment or a major budget blowout and he has one top tip to help. “go through magazines and pull out pages of rooms dressed as you would like them. use the internet or the phone and mark an approximate price for every single item in that room, and the total sum should be your approximate realistic budget. repeat this for every room you would like to decorate and that will give you an overall budget.

If you are doing a large scale decoration, consider the services of an interior designer. interior designers have access to wholesale rates and can have items custom made for prices competitive to retail. the difference will be the room will be decorated to reflect your style with unique and personal and not the retail style that is “in” at the moment. and the interior designer will do all the legwork for you.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

One Stop Shop for fixtures and fittings

Choosing carpets, tiles, colours and fixtures for you new home should be a fun and exciting experience, but most of the time you end up driving around for countless hours from supplier to supplier.

With an endless range of options to choose from, it’s easy to get confused and difficult to keep track of an ever changing budget. There is, though, a solution.
A consultation with a professional interior designer should be considered an investment which will save you time, money and regret down the track. An interior designer will be able interpret your ideas and guide you through thousands of samples.

Interior designers have access to hundreds of suppliers, and may be able to suggest products that you haven’t seen before. They will also have a good understanding of pricing and will be able to advise on whether your choices are keeping within your budget.

At Windemere Interiors, our design studio has thousands of samples from leading brand name suppliers including Caroma, Laminex, Corinthian Doors and Dulux. Our interior designers are “Specification Specialists”. In a four hour consultation, a Windemere interior designer will guide you through the process of choosing all the colours, fixtures, flooring and cabinetry for the interior and exterior of your home. All these details will be compiled in a single schedule document that can be submitted to your builder, cabinet maker or any other relevant supplier. Easy.

A consultation with a professional interior designer from Windemere Interiors starts from just $990 including a specification list for your builder. Speak to Windemere today about our one stop shop consultation and make your building experience an enjoyable one.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Windemere's Top Tips for Sale

Properly preparing your home for sale can mean thousands of dollars difference. Windemere Interiors share their top pre sale tips for the interior of your home.

Declutter it!

  • Potential buyers are not looking to view all your lovely (and not so lovely) things in your space, they’re looking to imagine all their lovely things in their new space. Keep surfaces and benchtops clean and clear! Box up all the paperwork and trinkets and ship them offsite.
  • Clear any personal items, such as toiletries, make up, photos.
  • Homes should be dressed to accentuate the space and their possibilities so ship any excess items, including those in cupboards, off to storage.
  • Clean it!
  • Dust it, polish it, scrub it, wipe it, soak it, wash it and disinfect it. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Scrub and wipe down walls and floors, move furniture and clean behind it, and give everything a thorough dusting.

Fix it!

  • Anything that’s not working, fix it or replace it, particularly if they are part of the house. Blown lightbulbs are the most common, but broken screens, fans and sticky windows are also common. Consider hiring a handyman to fix all these in one go if you’re not very handy around the house.

Upgrade it!

  • Upgrade small fixtures such as tap fittings, showerheads, towel rails and cabinet handles. These will lift the standard of your home which all translates into sales dollars.

Present it!

  • Show the home in the best light. Choose a time that will subtly light the home and use mood lighting from lamps for ambience.
  • Be aware of the temperature and have a fan running at low speed if it’s hot or run the air conditioner and switch it off before visitors arrive.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens should have a subtle hint of non-scented disinfectant and bedrooms and living areas should be thoroughly aired out to rid and musty smells.
  • Clean out rubbish bins and dishwashers and put out fresh towels and linen.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Windemere Got a Social Life!

Windemere is now on Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and YouTube! So now, you can be our fan, tweet us, read us (you're already doing that!) and view us!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Meet the Designer - Kirstin Fowle

Growing up surrounded by her mother's extensive collection of art, fabrics and antique furniture gave Kirstin Fowle a lifelong passion for interior design.

The enthusiastic appreciation led her to study interior design at Southbank Institute of Technology, as well as colour psychology, feng shui and aspects of soft furnishings.  With a career including visual merchandising and freelance design, Kirstin is now an interior designer at Windemere Interiors, styling new and established properties for a variety of clients.

Kirstin says interior design is so much more than just choosing cushions and curtains, it's about understanding the client's style and designing around their needs and desires for space. While creativity plays the major component of her role, there's also the technical aspects, like creating comrehensive construction drawings and electrical plans.

The mix though is satisfying. "I love that every day is different to the last. Very rarely do I meet two clients who have the same tastes, desires and budgets. It's very satisfying to know that you have helped someone create the utmost potential from their home, whether it's a small renovation or a new build," she says.

With a personal style described as "eclectic", Kirstin loves to complement ultra modern design with vintage and antique elements. "Mixing the old with the new is a sure way to add an unique and stylish factor to any space."

Kirstin can be contacted at Windemere Interiors on 1300 606 400.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Throwing Cushion to the Wind!

Throw pillows add that sophisticated finishing touch, vibrant splash of colour and textural depth.

Whether casually thrown over a couch for an inviting comfy look, or carefully arranged on a guest bed for that welcoming touch, throw cushions can be used to create colour and interest to a space.

Katherine Martin from Windemere Interiors says there are unlimited ideas when it comes to throw cushions, but there are a few hints and tips that will help you coordinate the look.

(1) Use a variety of patterns and textures in the cushions to create depth and

(2) Use a variety of shapes and sizes in the cushion to create interest. A number of larger cushions though will look less cluttered than lots of smaller cushions.

(3) Use an uneven number of cushions on a couch or it will look very symmetrical and staged.

(4) Ensure the pillows compliment your overall colour theme. You don't have to use the exact colours, but hues or touches of complimentary colour will tie in the cushions with the rest of the space.

There's an endless choice when it comes to cushions. Go for quality over quantity and consult an interior designer if the look just isn't coming together for you.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a fantastic way to not only decorate a room, but can also be used to create the illusion of a larger space and brighten up dark spaces.

The styles and types of mirrors are endless. Modern mirrors with clean, bevelled lines are simple and stylish and suit contemporary interiors and small apartment spaces. The more traditional or heritage homes may suit more elaborate gilded or carved frames.  Mirrors can be the feature decorator piece of your room or in smaller sizes, complement the room's theme.

Katherine Martin from Windemere Interiors, says mirrors are a fantastic way to open up a small or dark space, making it appear more open and bright. "If strategically placed, a mirror can brighten a dark space by reflecting natural light and really brightening it up," she said, "placing a large mirror across from a window can also give the illusion of another window, making small spaces appear much more spacious."

There are mirrors to suit all types of budgets, but it's important to consider that workmanship is a key consideration, especially if it's a decorator piece you want to keep for a while. "Check the construction and workmanship of the mirror carefully," says Katherine, "lesser quality frames will split or break quickly and this will not only look terrible but they run the risk of falling down if they're hanging up on a wall. Always buy from a reputable supplier."

Mirrors can be bought from many places, including departments stores and homewares stores. If you are having trouble sourcing that specific mirror to suit your space, speak to one of the designers at Windemere Interiors. They have access to mirrors not available to the general public, so you're not only guaranteed a mirror that will suit your home, but also one that is unique.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Decorating the Outdoor Room

The outdoor room is becoming the quintessential addition to the Australian home. A multipurpose, undercover spot to enjoy some quiet reading, catching up with friends or even watching some TV, the outdoor room has the advantage of the fresh, natural breeze while still being protected from the elements.

Decorating an outdoor room is much like decorating an indoor room. Create a theme and decorate with furniture, soft furnishings, art and plants.

Lindy Evans from Windemere Interiors says an outdoor room is a great opportunity to create a super stylish or bright and cheerful space. "You don't have to play it safe when it comes to decorating an outdoor room," says Lindy, "start with a neutral base and accessorise with colourful cushions, rugs, mirrors and wall art for a funky look."

There are lots of products for outdoor rooms and it's recommended to use furniture specifically made for the outdoors. Polyurthene furniture wears well outdoors, but if you use timber, ensure it's treated and protected regularly.

Soft furnishings designed for the outdoors are useful too, to get longer wear out of your decoration. Outdoor rugs and cushions are made from weatherproof, easy to clean materials designed to weather the elements.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wall Art

Wall art can play many roles in the interior design of a space. It can be the finishing piece to compliment an already furnished room or the inspirational focal piece, around which the rest of the interior is designed.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to wall art. Canvases, framed prints, photographs, paintings, fabrics and objects, just to name a few.

By beginning a room space using "art as inspiration", aspects of the artwork, such as two or three colours or textures, can be used throughout the rest of the room. This works beautifully for large, impact pieces.

When using wall art as a finishing piece, consider the theme and colours of the space and use aspects of this in the artwork, without overwhelming the rest of the room. This may be a beautiful canvas with tinges of red and blue to match the soft furnishings or driftwood to match a beach theme in the room.

Hanging wall art is an art form in itself and there are professionals that can do the job for you. Edam Triffet from Windemere Interiors says if hanging art in your home is a DIY job, then have someone make sure you have someone help you. "The top of the frame should be at eye level. People tend to hang artwork too high. It's always best to have someone else hold it for you while you stand back and decide, or create cutouts with paper and tape them on the wall before you commit to hammering in nails," said Edam.

Despite being called "wall" art, it doesn't necessarily have to hang on a wall. It could sit on top of a sideboard, or on an easel as a showpiece.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blissful Bedrooms

We spend almost half our life in bed. It's the place for rest, relaxation and to recharge the batteries so you want to make it as blissful as possible.

Edam Triffet from Windemere Interiors says colour is the most important aspect when it comes to creating a blissful bedroom. "Ensure the colour in your bedroom is restful and not too stimulating. Blues are considered calming while reds and purples incite passion. The vibrancy of the colour and not the colour itself is the key factor, so while yellow is considered a stimulating colour, a pale lemon would be much more tranquil than a canary yellow," says Edam. A safe option is to use neutral colours such as cream and taupe, and use accent colours in soft furnishings such as cushions and quilt covers.

Lighting is also an important factor in the bedroom, particularly if you are a light sleeper. Ensure you have good control over both natural lighting and electric lighting. Dimmer switches for main lighting will give you great control over the general lighting of the room, or consider using lamps for subtle ambient lighting and function lighting such as reading.

To control natural lighting, the latest technique is to have a double curtain track, with a blockout fabric at the back and sheer fabric at the front. This gives you the option for full blockout if you are trying to sleep, or the sheer curtains durig the day to allow some light in but still maintain privacy.

Edam's top tip for a blissful bedroom is not to skimp on linen and matresses. "You spend almost half your life in bed so quality sheets and a good matress are an investment."

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Study Nooks

Study nooks are becoming increasingly popular and can make great use of otherwise unused space. Under stairs, in hallways and on landings are just a few clever places for them.

Increasingly though, study nooks are created as an important part of the overall design, sometimes replacing full size studies by clever use of cabinetry.

Study nooks have become very popular as the laptop replaces the PC. With the compact size of laptops, the space needed to house them has become smaller so a nook is a sufficient size space," she said, "built in cabinetry will also maximise the use of the smaller space.

When designing a study nook, it's important to consider storage, lighting and power. Designing storage for books, files, stationary and electronic items like printers will keep the area neat and tidy. Built in cabinetry such as shelving, filing cabinets, bins and drawers, particularly if it's built to the ceiling and the floor will provide maximum storage.

Lighting is a very important aspect of a study nook and should be considered in the design stage. Lighting can be built into shelving to keep cords out of the way and even if you use desk lamps, ensure there are powerpoints, ethernet ports and phone points.

All this will keep your study nook practical and functional and looking neat and tidy, or doors can perhaps hide the all the mess away.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shower Shine

The shower can be the oasis of the home. A hot shower after a long Winter's day, or a cool, refreshing shower after a hot, summer day in the garden. It's a place to pamper and relax.

As the water conscious moves from bath to showers, oversized his and her showers and simple wet rooms are becoming more popular, so careful choices in designing the area is imperative. There are many types of shower screens, taps and accessories available to suit all bathrooms, but it is important to choose the ones that are both practical and asthetic to your bathroom.

The most important things to consider are the shower frame, wall tiles, fixtures and storage. To create a elegant and timeless feel, I'd recommend a frameless shower screen and tiles in a neutral colour, then jazz it up with some feature tiles and upmarket fixtures. It's a simple and easy technique to create the wow factor in your shower.

A framed shower screen suits bathrooms where the shower recess needs to be clearly defined. With a range of colours, the frame can be matched to the bathroom colours.  A semi framed or frameless shower creates a streamlined and luxury appeal. Simple and elegant, it creates a feeling of open space.

There is an endless range of tapware and fixtures for showers. Water saving showerheads, shower rails, mixers and hinges all combine to create an overall look for your shower. Chrome and stainless steel will create a sleek and contemporary look. Consider storage when designing your shower. A place for soap, shampoos and body brushes are important so think about niches in the wall.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Child's Play

Spaces for children are special places within the home. A bedroom, child's retreat or rumpus are places to create childhood memories.

A theme can easily be created in a child's space, and adapted as the child grows older. If you start with a neutral base than you can theme and dress the space with soft furnishings, furniture and wall art. Bright and cheerful doona covers, pillows, rugs and throws are a great way to brighten up a room and are easily changed as the child grows.

There are lots of options to decorate and theme walls, especially on a blank canvas.  Removable wall decals, family photos in bright frames or the children's art up on the wall are fabulous ways to personalise the space for the child.

Storage is an important factor and another decorating feature that can grow with the child. Consider inbuilt storage for toys to keep the area clutter free which can be used for books and computer equipment during the later years.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing, shutters and blinds are a perfect window treatment for all areas of the home.

Extremely versatile when it comes to interior design, shutters and blinds come in an endless range of styles, colours, fabrics and materials. A sleek, modern look can be created with motorised roller blinds, while warmth and style can be created with timber plantation shutters.

When choosing blinds or shutters for your windows, it's important to take into consideration the sunlight that goes through the window and which room they're in. Venetian shutters are fantastic for rooms that have direct sunlight, as they can be tilted to keep sun directly out of the room while still keeping it light, while synthetic blinds suit bathrooms as they can be completely shut for privacy, open for ventilation, and won't go mouldy.

Blinds and shutters can be mixed and matched within a room, space or home, but consider repeating the fabric, material or style throughout to create consistency and flow throughout your interior.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Accent on Rugs

From a sophisticated silk rug under a coffee table in a lounge room to a playmat in the children's rumpus, floor rugs can bring an entire room or space together. They're a flooring fixture that can create the illusion of boundaries, particularly in today's open plan designs where furniture sometimes looks overwhelmed in large spaces.

The style and choices are endless and can set the atmosphere for a room. Bright and bold patterns create a fun and playful tone, while traditional woollen rugs can create a stylish classic look.

Once you've chosen the style of rug you would like, it's important to consider the space that it will be going in. Rugs that are too large for the space will look out of place, while rugs that are too small will be lost and lose their impact.

Rugs are extremely versatile and can be used on tiles, timber and carpet. It's important to consider the flooring though when choosing a rug. A shagpile rug would look great on a timber or tiled floor, but not on shagpile carpet.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fresh Santorini Style

It’s easy to see how the Greek island of Santorini inspired the interior of this home. Fresh and breezy, the whitest of whites and tones of pure sand are punctured with the oceanic colours of teal and blue and splashed with vibrant hues of fuscia. 

Reminiscent of the white-washed homes along the Greek coastline and the flowering bougainvillea that spill over their walls, this theme is bright and summery.

The fresh and breezy interior is the work of interior designer Lindy Evans of Windemere Interiors, who was inspired by the Greek island of Santorini. “This colour scheme reflects all the colours of the ocean,” said Lindy. “Using predominantly white on white as a base, accents of blues, greens, teals and a hint of sandy tones creating a contemporary yet timeless environment. These colours are fresh, comfortable and most importantly relaxing.”

If you're building a new home or renovating and would like to add some Santorini freshness, speak to one of the team at Windemere Interiors.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

East Meets West

A blend of the exotic east with the simplicity of the West creates a theme with a contemporary approch to Asian inspired interiors

The mystique of the oriental far East, with its rich blend of saturated colours, gilded coppers and opulent textures makes a fascinating and exotic interior.

The traditional Asian style is a dramatic amalgamation of rich colours with intricate designs on an ornate scale. The use of jade and gold reflects the palatial splendour of this ancient theme.

For today's approach though, a pared down, simplistic version is popular for its minimalist, yet striking style.

East Meets West takes the rich colours of the traditional Asian theme without patterns focusing instead on plain surfaces and textures. East Meets West is a simple interior that anyone can do using the strong Asian colours, with a few key decorator accents. Deep reds, muddy greys and blacks can be used with glints of gold and copper. Accent with a striking lantern, jewellery box or a porcelein statue.

East Meets West is an warm, spicy theme, so use warm mood lighting such as lamps and lanterns for ambience and heavy curtains in a opulent fabric to dim the glare from the windows.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bathroom Magic

A tired bathroom can date an entire house, and bathroom makeovers are one of the most common renovation projects.

The layout of a bathroom is the key element to consider when renovating. Ensuring the position of the bathroom essentials is the most practical for the space will ensure there is ample storage and enough space.

The ensuite pictured originally had a corner vanity with a laminate block towel rack that used up valuable storage space.  A framed shower with opaque glass obscured the natural light from the only window in the room. The dark decor colours, friez tiles and chunky wooden fixtures made the space cramped and dated.

To make better use of the space, the layout was changed slightly, by streamlining the vanity against one wall and opening up the shower area using clear, semi frameless glass. A neutral colour palette of cream and taupe brightened up the space.

Analysing the current layout was the first priority when undertaking this renovation. The corner vanity virtually cut the space in half, making it seem smaller than what it was. Creating a streamlined layout, with clear glass and full height mirrors opens up the space and maximises the natural light.

In renovating all three bathrooms in this home, Lindy used a consistent neutral theme with the same tiles, cabinetry, tapware and basins. Differing accessories and decoration, such as towels and soap dispensers were used to set the bathrooms apart.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Out of Africa

The aromatic and visual feast of an African food market are the inspirations of the Tribal Rhythm theme.

The rustic red hues and earthy tones of the Savannah landscape create a calming canvas, while splashes of vibrant colour delight the senses. Dark, solid aged timber furniture is perfectly highlighted with sandstone inspired tiles, and warm lighting create a serene ambience.

This theme is all about colours and textures of Africa, with a sense of passion and strength. We've combined the textures of vintage leather couches and earthenware pots, against olive green and cocoa coloured walls. Splashes of tangerine in the cushions are inspired by ochre hued spices, while pearlescent sequined bed cushions are a nod to exotic African jewellery.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Snuggling up in bed weather

It's a chilly night in the South East of Queensland, time for snuggling under the covers with a hot chocolate. I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite bedrooms we've done over the years.

If only I had a crackling fireplace...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cut it out!

Introducing wall openings are a great way to create light and openness to enclosed rooms.

Frameless with simple square lines, these openings between rooms are the current trned in modern homes.  They're easy to incorporate into the home design and add another open plan element to a layout.

With natural light and free flowing air between the rooms, wall openings make areas felel more spacious.  If rooms are without an external window, they will benefit from the natural light and air that flows from room to room.

Wall openings are a fantastic space to introduce decorative elements. There are endless options for decoration in this space and they can become a very striking feature.  In this home, we've installed metal leaf artwork screens to tie in with the East Est theme.  This is in the main hallway of the home and creates an entrance with impact.

There are many unique and creative decorative elements available for wall openings, wuch as bambook shutters and louvers.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Fabulous Floorboards

These wide plank hardwood oak floorboards look absolutely stunning in this home, better than I'd imagined. The theme for this home was "Country Retreat" and I wanted a natural, rustic look for the floors that I didn't think could be achieved with tiles. Keeping the timber natural and not staining it also gave it a rustic feel. So, so happy with the result!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Vinyl Revival

This stunning feature floor with its unique silver grey stain perfectly sets the tone for this home's monochramatic theme. And it's made from vinyl. Yes, vinyl. 

Vinyl has come a long, long way from the orange and brown linoleum that was so popular in the 1970s. Those old enough will remember them and those who aren't may have seen them pulled up during renovations and it's definitely a case of out with the old and in with the new.

New style vinyl like these timber look planks, are extremely durable and often commercial grade. They look and feel like timber and come in a range of colours and textures, making them a versatile flooring option.

Options for the new style vinyl are endless and should be considered an option when deciding on flooring. This new style vinyl is absolutely fantastic! It's extremely durable and looks so much like real hardwood timber you can hardly tell the difference. It comes in a range of colours from a light blonde through to black so it's easy to match it to a theme throughout the home. This home had an industrial urban edge theme so the grey vinyl planks were perfect. We wouldn't have been able to get this look with real timber.

If you're exploring flooring for your home, consider the durability and range available with today's vinyl. With an extensive range of colours and textures, speak to one of our designers about the options for creating the perfect vinyl floor for your home.


Monday, 13 June 2011

New Photography

Loving the new photography done for a home we decorated in North Queensland. These textured balls look great in this "Natural Elements" theme and reflected the laid back, casual attitude of the people of the North. It was hot up there though. Very hot!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Glitz & Glamour

Immerse yourself in the sophistication and beauty of a bygone era with the pure opulence of glitz and glamour.

Like a stream of light travelling through crystal glass, this theme is created by using luminous paints, textiles and furnishings that capture and reflect the glimmering tones of gold, copper, bronze and silver.

Glitz and Glamour can easily be as subtle or as decadent as you like. A few shimmery accessories like a mirrored clock or photo frame adds a delicate dash of glamour or create full radiance with a room of flocked wallpaper and a crystal chandelier.

Glitz and Glamour style gives the romantic illusion of high end luxury, so choose luxurious, rich fabrics for soft sheen, warm illuminating lights for subtle reflection and metallic accessories for sparkly accents.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Sweet Little Girl's Room

Call it nesting, but I loved creating this little girl's room. The pretty aqua and pink colours against the pureness of the white made this room feel sweet and innocent.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lighting the Mood

Lamps are that unique piece that can create atmosphere, mood, ambience and style.

Whether it’s a welcoming light in the entrance hall or a stunning floor lamp in the lounge, lamps and the lighting they create are imperative to the style and feel of a room.

Lamps are not only a finishing piece that creates atmosphere, they can be a feature piece in their own right. There are some absolutely stunning lamps that can be the feature of an entire room, dictating the style of the rest of the decor.

There is an enormous range of fantastic and unique lamps available, but unfortunately not for the general public. The retail market is very small, but there is a large local and international range of lamps available to interiors designers, so we never have trouble finding that perfect piece for our clients.

The type of lamp and purpose of the lighting will also dictate how it’s used with the rest of the decor in the space. If the lamp is a feature piece, then it can stand on its own, with everything else working around it. a bedside table lamp works well with a cluster of photo frames, while a dramatic up lamp
shining onto a piece of artwork can take centre stage in a room.

If you’re having trouble finding that perfect lamp for a room or a space just doesn’t have atmosphere, speak to an interior designers about the lamps and lighting that’s perfect for you.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Lamp it up! pretty is this lamp? We put this in a master bedroom and it creates beautiful (and romantic) ambience.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Natural Selection

Furniture is the heart and soul of a room. While it needs to be practical, it also needs to reflect the personality of the owners and complement all the other aspects of the space, including colour, layout, flooring and decoration.

Furniture selection is about choosing pieces that complement each other, rather than looking part of a boxed set - these days you can buy an entire household of furniture in a package, with all matching timbers and colours. As interior designers, we prefer to choose individual pieces that reflect the owner of the home and complement the theme of the interior.

The advantage of engaging an interior designer is the access they have to specialist furniture pieces, some only available to those in the industry. Along with their professional eye in piecing together a room, you’re assured of an individually styled room that is stylish and unique.

Monday, 23 May 2011

East West

I think the colours we used in this East West theme work really well together.  The taupe in the couch and pillows are a great canvas colour highlight the deep red and golds in the oriental print.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Built in Style

A place for everything and everything in its place.  t’s an old saying with plenty of meaning when it comes to your home. Built in cabinetry is invaluable when it comes to storage, whether it’s in the kitchen, home office or walk in wardrobe.

It’s important to not only consider what items will need to be stored, but the flow of people and use of the space. Above all, cabinetry needs to be practical. It’s important to think about the space it’s in and how the people in the
home will flow within in it. For example in home offices, if there’s more than one person working in the space, it might be better to have storage on one side and a working desk on the other.

Cabinetry design is individual to the home it’s in as well as the family that will use it, so while displays and pre-designed cabinetry is good for inspiration, it certainly pays to have a professional interior designer to design around your individual needs and incorporate the latest products and trends. There are always new and exciting innovations in cabinetry and a good interior designer will be able to design a solution based on your needs and the latest products.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Wonderful Wallpaper

We used this wallpaper in a client's game room. It added a fun touch, but didn't overwhelm the space.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wallpaper Revolution

Wallpaper has made a stunning return to interior design, shaking off its reputation as something only in Nana’s house to features in Vogue Living.

With an endless range of styles and designs, wallpaper can feature as the bold centrepiece of a room or subtly as part of the overall interior theme.
new wallpapers are continuously released, with innovations such as paintable and textured wallpapers.

Wallpaper is a fabulous option for furnishing your home, but it’s important to consider the wallpaper within the overall theme.  We use wallpaper in many of our designs, from bold contemporary themes to classic interiors, but it’s imperative to visualise the wallpaper within the room and the entire home.

As professional interior designers, the team at Windemere Interiors have access to a limitless range of wallpapers, some only available to those in the industry. A professional interior designer can access wallpapers not available to the general public so your interior will be more unique. We can also integrate the wallpaper as part of your overall theme.