Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Breakfast Bar Wake Up!

Breakfast bars have become an essential element in today's kitchen. A relaxing spot for a casual meal or a comfy spot for family and guests to gather while meals are being prepared, there are endless options for unique breakfast bars.

There are many styles of breakfast bars to suit your family kitchen. A breakfast bar with a gabled edge will create a neat space to tuck stools under.  A shadowline will make the benchtop look like it's floating. A lowline extension can create a compact dining space and you could do away with the meals area all together.

There are many benchtop options and they can create a feature of your kitchen. Stone benchtops are hardwearing and create a classic look to the kitchen. Essa Stone, Caesarstone, granite, reconstituted stone and marble are just a few of stone materials that can be used. Other options include solid timber, glass, stainless steel and resin.

Storage can be incorporated into breakfast bars as well. Narrow cupboards can be built into the front space for glasses and cups or open shelving can be used to display wine or kitchen ornanents. The options are only limited by your imagination.

If you are building a new home or renovating a kitchen and after some inspiration or clever ideas with breakfast bar space, speak to the team at Windemere Interiors today.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Festive Cheer at the Christmas Table

Bring a little festive cheer to the table at Christmas with some easy themes:


Rich, scarlett reds and glimmery golds will add that traditional touch to your table. A simple red runner down the table with a gold reindeer centrepiece and some gold baubles is an easy way to dress up the table.


Fabulous if you're planning an outdoor Christmas setting, just grab a few things from your backyard and Bob's your uncle. Rectangles of hessian make rustic placemats and old tin with cuttings of gum tree branches makes fragrant and authentic centrepieces. Napkins tied with string with a bottle brush and gum nuts tucked in adds a finishing touch.

White Christmas

It doesn't snow here, but there's no reason you can't have a white Christmas. White everything is the order here, with a white tablecloth, runner, placemats and napkins. Add a sprinkling of glitter and some shimmery white baubles to reflect the falling snow.


Yeah baby! Trip the plastic fantastic and decorate your Christmas table in high gloss, retro plastic in bold, festive colours. A vinyl tablecloth with shiny placemats makes a super retro canvas for brighly colour plastic plates and cutlery. Add some fake plastic holly and fake flowers and you are ready to par-tay!

On a final note for 2011, everyone at Windemere Interiors would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Beach Life

Summon the coastal vibe to your home with the comfortable and casual theme that is Beach Life.

Inspired by the sandy beaches, cool sea breezes and ocean waters, Beach Life is created by a fresh combination of whites, sands and blue accents.

Windemere Interiors designer Edam Triffett says a Beach Life Theme creates a little holiday paradise in your home. “The fresh colours and natural fabrics in this theme are reminiscent of the ultimate beach holiday home. Casual and relaxing, it’s a little coastal escape, even if you’re in the middle of the city.”

To recreate this theme in your home, create a neutral canvas of whites and sands with highlights of ocean blue. Combine furniture in soft grained and lime washed timbers or woven wicker. Pile casually with over-stuffed cushions in light, natural fabrics. Add a few nautical decorator accents of driftwood and model ships.

Shells collected from beach holidays can be displayed in glass bowls filled with sand to decorate entrance ways, side boards and bookshelves.

Outside, minimalist landscaping with grasses emulate coastal sand dunes while a hammock and deck chairs create a private little spot to laze in the breeze.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Meet the Designer - Edam Triffett

Stunning converted warehouses in Amsterdam, loft apartments in New York, terraces in London and beachside holiday houses in Tasmania are just a few of the architectural influences that have inspired designer Edam Triffett’s interiors.

Through his first career as an international flight attendent, Edam used every spare second on overnight stays to soak up the local architecture and interiors. This was in preparation for a move to his other passion in interior design.
Returning to Australia to study in Sydney, Edam has previously worked with Leigh Eliot Interior Design. Since joining the Windemere Interiors team, Edam has designed some stunning interiors, including award winning display homes, apartments and elegant homes.

At the risk of sounding clich├ęd, Edam describes his personal style as eclectic, “Your home should evolve to reflect your current mood and lifestyle, while still reminding you of where you’ve been and what you’ve achieved,” he said.

Known for his simple and elegant style with a strong focus on practicality and individuality, Edam is in demand for everything from small renovations through to full scale home interiors and magazine styling.

Edam can be contacted at Windemere Interiors on 1300 606 400.