Friday, 1 March 2013

Selectively Furnished

Do you ever buy a sofa and matching coffee table and then find it doesn't look quite as good in your lounge room as it did in the showroom? Furnishing and decorating a space is more than just putting some tables and chairs in a room. A professional interior designer decorates and furnishes for the use of the space, the size and layout of the space and to the style and taste of the owners.

Kirstin Fowle from Windemere Interiors says that furniture selection is one of their more popular services as choosing furniture and decorator pieces that are functional as well as aesthetic pleasing is a lot harder than people realise. "Clients come to us to take the hard work out of shopping around and putting together pieces that work. We also create a style and look that is unique as we have access to thousands of suppliers, many of whom will only supply to interior designers so you don't end up with furniture from a chain store that hundreds of other people have," said Kirstin.

The service comes with more than just a list of furniture. Windemere Interiors also includes a scaled layout of the space illustrating exactly where the pieces should go as well as a detailed listing of items that you can buy yourself in stages or all at once. By setting a budget, the interior designer is able to work to that budget from the extensive suppliers and contacts they have.

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