Friday, 29 April 2011

Window Dressing

Luxurious heavy draped curtains or light timber venetions, window dressing adds that finishing touch to a room. Functionality for privacy and light control, window treatments also add style and atmosphere to the room.

It’s important to start with functionality when choosing a window treatment for a room. Always consider first what you will need the window treatments to do. Bathrooms and bedrooms will require privacy, so narrow choices down to those that will screen out the neighbours. After that, the fun is choosing fabrics and materials to add your personal style to the room.

The interior of this little girl’s bedroom was custom designed by us. The gorgeous shoe print curtains set the overall theme for the room, with matching wallpaper and lamp completing the look.

With today’s modern materials, there’s an endless range of window treatments available and an interior designer can advise you on the latest products available, as well as help you create an overall theme for your room and home.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Tribal Rhythm

We're creating a "Tribal Rhythm" theme in this home, so lots of earthenware pots and earthy, savannah colours.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Space Transformation

In the kitchen, it’s the best use of space that will make a fabulous kitchen renovation, not necessarily more space.

in this kitchen renovation, the focus was on creating more useable and accessible storage space, rather than simply creating more space.

The original kitchen, while larger in space, lacked enough storage in the corner pantry and cupboards while appliances sat on the benchtops creating clutter.

We reconfigured the pantry and fridge area to create a practical butler's pantry. Split into a storage area and preparation area, there’s enough room to store dry goods and appliances where they’re easily accessible, yet away from sight to keep the kitchen tidy.

The outdated decor of the cupboards were replaced with simple, clean lines while a built in appliances tower houses a coffee machine, steam oven and microwave, creating a sleek and streamlined appearance.

A kitchen renovation is much more than just changing benchtops and splashbacks. The redesign needs to take into account the family’s needs and any issues with the current kitchen.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Award winning style

These pics are from a home we decorated in the mid North Coast NSW that has won numerous housing awards.

We decorated in a resort style theme with lots of tropical colours that for that laid back, holiday feel.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rural Retreat

Imagine a luxury escape to the country without leaving home. A contemporary twist on the country theme, “rural retreat” combines fresh and light elements, with rich timber textures and contrasting vibrant hues.

Stylish, indulgent and serene, the theme depicts a luxury getaway with the finer things in life.

To recreate this look, I suggest drawing inspiration from country retreats and layering with different textures and colours for added depth. Start with a light, neutral palette in a warm shade, such as cream or taupe and highlight with varying browns and olive greens for a cosy but contemporary feel.

Layer with rich, rustic timbers and deep plush rugs for texture, and contrast with a splash of vibrant colour, like indigo. Rich, indulgent fabrics add a touch of luxury.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Urban Living

Here's a few pics from a theme we call "Urban Living". This house is on the Gold Coast.  

Contemporary with an Industrial influence, the energy created from this theme is still calm, happy and comfortable without being too commercial.

The use of white as a base with monochromatic tones of greys, charcoals and stainless steel are used to produce a very minimalist and modern home. 

This scheme will last through the years as you can add splashes of vibrant sole colour as you please. Many feature colours complement this scheme and invite enthusiasm and energy.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Colour Your World

When choosing the colours and fixtures for your new home, the home as a whole should be considered and not just each room individually, for a flowing and consistent theme.

With an incredible range of options to choose from when it comes to paint colours, tiles, carpet, fixtures and cabinetry, it’s easy to get confused when making such a big selection.

A consultation with a professional interior designer should be considered an investment which will save you time, money and regret down the track. It also gives you access to the latest products that you may not normally find yourself.
Having an idea is all you need, and a good interior designer can intepret that for you.

We have clients that bring in photos of what they like, and we help them select everything from splashback to door handles. Because we have all the samples and suppliers in one place, we look at their plans and create a comprehensive colour schedule that the client can simply take to any builder. It saves them time and money visiting different suppliers while getting professionally advice on what will and won’t work.