Thursday, 22 August 2013

Retro Fusion

This theme is fun, with bright colours, wild designs and an overall sense of "flair" because retro-design requires such a bold approach. It also requires a certain personality to pull it off. There's nothing laid-back or casual about design and decorating with this theme. It is loud, busy and most definitely "funky".

Retro Fusion interior design incorporates bright colours and bold patterns. Clean, streamlined and modern, shiny materials such as vinyl & laminate also references to the past.

Furnishings are normally constructed with plastic, plywood, or moulded fibreglass. Lines are usually rounded or curved, in unique kidney or bubble shapes. Art and sculptures are typically bold and unusual, leaning more toward abstract pieces rather than simple landscapes and still-life. Windemere uses a blend of stark white, chocolate and bright orange to create this bold theme.

Retro Fusion will inspire you to create a look that combines classics and contemporary design. Past and present can sit stylishly together. Remember, everything is bold when you're decorating with the Retro Fusion theme so don't be afraid of textures and colour. The more the better.