Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Penchant for Pendants

As a dramatic feature, a single large pendant looks fantastic while a cluster of smaller pendants or a series in a line over a breakfast bar has impact.

Lindy Evans from Windemere Interiors says there are options for pendants for every size and style of space. "Whether you have a space with high ceilings where dramatic long hanging pendant would suit or a small intimate space for mini chandelier, there are an endless array of pendant options."

A few things that should be taken into consideration when selecting a pendant though is ceiling height, room size, furniture, colours sand finishes and illumination requirements.

Some inspirations for you

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sweet on Ensuites

They are often the smallest space in the home, but the ensuite can also be the most used area so interior design are important factors to maximise space.

Kirstin Fowle from Windemere Interiors says regardless of whether an ensuite is small and function or large and luxurious, there are a number of ideas to help open up the area and make the best use of the space. "The principle of design are the same for any size ensuite, but the decoration you choose is only limited by your imagination. These days, ensuites can be decadent and luxurious or minimal and practical, the main aim though is to make best use of your available space."

Kirstin's tips 

  • Full height tiling creates a seamless look to the space. Larger, lighter tiles will make the space feel larger.
  • Shower frames can look bulky and interrupt the flow in a small space. Try frameless screens or create a "wet room" with no screens at all.
  • Wall hung toilets take up minimal space in the room.
  • Choose tile grout in a similar colour to tiles to create a seamless space.
  • A built in shaving cabinet will create additional storage without taking up additional space.
  • Instead of tiles use painted glass, the colour options are endless and the smooth surface creates a light and contemporary look.

Trends for ensuites
  • His and hers vanities and mirrors are both practical and luxurious. Don't forget about storage.
  • Larger shower in lieu of a bath with double his and her showerheads.
  • Feature lighting such as a small chandelier or pendant light creates a sense of luxury. 
  • Contrasting tile grout will make the tiles standout.
  • Don’t be afraid to use pop colour, white ensuites can sometimes look sterile.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Pattern Craze

Lindy Evans from Windemere Interiors says patterns are a fantastic way to express your individual style. "Fabric patterns can be used in so many places and come in so many different styles and textures, the way they are put together will always be completely individual," she says.

Fabrics are used in many different areas in the home, from cushions to rugs, bed linen and curtains, all with the option of patterns. Lindy says these days, home decorating with patterns is much like fashion. "Where once you just had one pattern, today the trend is for multiple, clashing patterns used with confidence. Be courageous and bold with your patterns to express who you are," says Lindy, "there's no end to the spaces you can create."

While clashing and crashing patterns are all the rage, a general rule to stick to is have either a pattern or colour theme throughout. Same pattern in different colours or same colours in different patterns.

The hottest trend of 2012 has been ikat patterns. Ikat is an ancient dyeing technique, similar to tie dyeing and produces an unique and textured look. These have been used on sofas, cushions, quilt covers and even lamp shades. It creates a visual feast for the eyes and can be mixed and matched with other patterns and textures.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Orient Express

The mystique of the oriental far East pared down with the simplicity of the West creates a contemporary and practical approach to Asian inspired interiors. 

The East Meets West theme blends the rich, saturated colours of Asia, highlights of gilded coppers and opulent textured fabrics with the minimalist style of the West, with plain but striking colours and clean lines.

Windemere Interiors designer Lindy Evans, says the East Meets West theme is a popular and practical style for today, achieving a striking and dramatic look with less fuss than the traditional Asian interior. "Traditional Asian style is dramatic with intricate designs and patterns on an ornate scale. Gold, jade and other rich highlights create palatial and opulent splendour. East Meets West is a fusion of those elements pared down with simplicity representing the West. It's an easy theme to recreate in your home," she said.
Lindy has a few hints and tips for recreating the theme in your home:

  • Start with a palette of strong Asian colours such deep reds, muddy greys and black on plain surfaces and textures.
  • Create warm mood lighting using lamps, downlights and lanterns
  • Consider living decoration such as lucky bamboo, orchids, jade plant or a goldfish for good fortune.
  • Cluster a few decorator pieces such as an ornamental carving, ceramic statue or gilded jewellery box.
  • Highlight with opulent, rich fabrics such as heavy satin or gold embroidered raw silk on cushions and bed throws.
  • Light some incense to delight the senses and create a warm spicy ambience.

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