Thursday, 19 May 2011

Built in Style

A place for everything and everything in its place.  t’s an old saying with plenty of meaning when it comes to your home. Built in cabinetry is invaluable when it comes to storage, whether it’s in the kitchen, home office or walk in wardrobe.

It’s important to not only consider what items will need to be stored, but the flow of people and use of the space. Above all, cabinetry needs to be practical. It’s important to think about the space it’s in and how the people in the
home will flow within in it. For example in home offices, if there’s more than one person working in the space, it might be better to have storage on one side and a working desk on the other.

Cabinetry design is individual to the home it’s in as well as the family that will use it, so while displays and pre-designed cabinetry is good for inspiration, it certainly pays to have a professional interior designer to design around your individual needs and incorporate the latest products and trends. There are always new and exciting innovations in cabinetry and a good interior designer will be able to design a solution based on your needs and the latest products.

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