Thursday, 21 July 2011

East Meets West

A blend of the exotic east with the simplicity of the West creates a theme with a contemporary approch to Asian inspired interiors

The mystique of the oriental far East, with its rich blend of saturated colours, gilded coppers and opulent textures makes a fascinating and exotic interior.

The traditional Asian style is a dramatic amalgamation of rich colours with intricate designs on an ornate scale. The use of jade and gold reflects the palatial splendour of this ancient theme.

For today's approach though, a pared down, simplistic version is popular for its minimalist, yet striking style.

East Meets West takes the rich colours of the traditional Asian theme without patterns focusing instead on plain surfaces and textures. East Meets West is a simple interior that anyone can do using the strong Asian colours, with a few key decorator accents. Deep reds, muddy greys and blacks can be used with glints of gold and copper. Accent with a striking lantern, jewellery box or a porcelein statue.

East Meets West is an warm, spicy theme, so use warm mood lighting such as lamps and lanterns for ambience and heavy curtains in a opulent fabric to dim the glare from the windows.

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