Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Accent on Rugs

From a sophisticated silk rug under a coffee table in a lounge room to a playmat in the children's rumpus, floor rugs can bring an entire room or space together. They're a flooring fixture that can create the illusion of boundaries, particularly in today's open plan designs where furniture sometimes looks overwhelmed in large spaces.

The style and choices are endless and can set the atmosphere for a room. Bright and bold patterns create a fun and playful tone, while traditional woollen rugs can create a stylish classic look.

Once you've chosen the style of rug you would like, it's important to consider the space that it will be going in. Rugs that are too large for the space will look out of place, while rugs that are too small will be lost and lose their impact.

Rugs are extremely versatile and can be used on tiles, timber and carpet. It's important to consider the flooring though when choosing a rug. A shagpile rug would look great on a timber or tiled floor, but not on shagpile carpet.


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