Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Beach Life

Summon the coastal vibe to your home with the comfortable and casual theme that is Beach Life.

Inspired by the sandy beaches, cool sea breezes and ocean waters, Beach Life is created by a fresh combination of whites, sands and blue accents.

Windemere Interiors designer Edam Triffett says a Beach Life Theme creates a little holiday paradise in your home. “The fresh colours and natural fabrics in this theme are reminiscent of the ultimate beach holiday home. Casual and relaxing, it’s a little coastal escape, even if you’re in the middle of the city.”

To recreate this theme in your home, create a neutral canvas of whites and sands with highlights of ocean blue. Combine furniture in soft grained and lime washed timbers or woven wicker. Pile casually with over-stuffed cushions in light, natural fabrics. Add a few nautical decorator accents of driftwood and model ships.

Shells collected from beach holidays can be displayed in glass bowls filled with sand to decorate entrance ways, side boards and bookshelves.

Outside, minimalist landscaping with grasses emulate coastal sand dunes while a hammock and deck chairs create a private little spot to laze in the breeze.

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