Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Charming Children's Bedrooms

Children love having their own bedroom. A special space that's just for them dressed just the way they like it.

To start, choose a theme for the room in conjunction with your child. Perhaps your little girl loves fairies, so you could choose a enchanted fairy garden theme or your little boy may be mad about racing cars and a race track theme would suit.

A neutral colour for your walls will still suit your child as they grow older. Whites, creams and taupes are fantastic canvases for the space, and will make the room feel bigger and more open. Leave the dressing up and colouring of the space with to your furniture, furnishings, decoration and artwork.

Soft furnishings can be custom made for a reasonable price and everything from the bedspreads to lampshades to curtains can be themed. Even wallpaper can be custom made. You can just as easily customised your soft furnishings though by choosing a simple colour palette such as pink and white or blue and green and use that as a basis for your sheets, wall furnishings and pillowcases.

Brighten up the walls with artwork such as framed pictures, canvases or perhaps wall decals. A very special idea is to frame your children's artwork or have it printed onto a canvas.

Don't forget storage when considering your layout. Specific places for toys, books and games are essential to keep the room tidy at the end of the day. Consider built in storage such as shelves or storage boxes that can be put away under beds. Toy chests are also great and can double as display space for soft toys or a table for those all important tea parties.

If you are redecorating your child's room and need some inspiration or direction on customising furnishings and decorations, speak to the team at Windemere Interiors today.

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