Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Modern Butler's Pantry

The butler's pantry has become a very popular request in home design in recent times. A utility and storage space attached to the kitchen, the modern day butler's pantry usually contains a counter with space for pots and pans. Very elaborate butler's pantries are almost full size kitchens in themselves as well as a staging site for serving meals and may have a sink, dishwasher and even an oven and stove.

Interestingly, the history of the butler's pantry dates back to a time when it was primarily used to store servingware and not food. A butler would actually sleep in the pantry to guard the silverware. Today's version is very different, with butler's pantries more a transitional space between the kitchen and dining room.

Kirstin Fowle from Windemere Interiors, says there are many options when creating a butler's pantry, even in a small space. "Butler's pantries have a very practical application today, particularly with the focus of the home moving back to the kitchen," she said, "even the smallest butler's pantry can be practical with clever design."

Kirstin suggests have a clear direction on what you will be using the space for when designing the butler's pantry. "If you will be using it to store pots and pans then you will need lots of open shelving or deep drawers, whereas for food storage pull out metal basket drawers with dividers are good for cans and spices, as are shallow shelves. Cupboards can be used to store crockery and appliances."

Keeping a consistent style through the kitchen and butler's pantry will create a seamless look to the spaces. "Carry on the colour theme and benchtops from the kitchen into the butler's pantry," says Kirstin, "even cabinetry and lighting can be matched."

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