Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Feature Wall Comeback

Feature walls are fabulous whether it's simply a different shade of paint or a wall of sumptuous flocked wallpaper, textured coconut shells, even a feature mosaic.

Feature walls are back on trend with many new options and can be as bold or as subtle as you like. Lindy Evans from Windemere Interiors, says even though feature walls are made to stand out, you still need to tie parts of it to the theme of the space or home. "The feature wall may have elements that tie in with the colour theme of the room, or decorating elements, such as cushions or lamps may tie in with the feature wall. Ensuring all these elements work together will make the space more harmonious."

There are many new ideas and options for feature walls. Timber walls, textured wallpaper, painted patterns, tiles, picture printed wallpaper and mosaics are just a few ideas. There is a big trend in colour blocking at the moment (similar to fashion), where two or three adjoining walls are painted or finished in the same colour, creating a block of colour rather than small individual walls.

It is important not to overwhelm the space though, particularly if the feature wall is quite bold. Ensure the other decoration in the space complements rather than competes with the feature wall.

Inspiration Gallery

Mirrored wall feature in the bedroom

A burnt orange feature wall ties in with the retro theme of this media lounge

This mosaic feature wall adds impact to this family bathroom

A wallpaper feature wall makes a dramatic backdrop for the bed

Bespoke wallpaper by designer Andrew Martin

A truly unique wallpaper feature by designer Andrew Martin

Wallpaper feature by Andrew Martin adds a vintage feel

Shimmery wallpaper feature adds a touch of glitz and glamour to this bedroom

Contrasting lime wallpaper wall feature adds impact to this urban themed bedroom

Bamboo and tile feature makes a dramatic entrance to this Asian inspired home

A feature wall entrance ties in with the tropical resort theme of this home

A feature wall of coconut shells add a unique touch to this outdoor room

Touches of bronze from this wallpaper tie in with the bronze tones in the rest of the space

Sumptuous flocked wallpaper adds a touch of 1940s glamour to this space

This checkered wallpaper adds impact to this entrance space
Tiled wall feature entrance

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