Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bedhead Beauty

Bedheads are the decorating piece of a bedroom that make the bed appear styled and complete.

Kirstin Fowle from Windemere Interiors says bedheads are an incredibly versatile decorating option for bedrooms and can be the feature pieces of the space or work in subtly with the rest of the room's theme. "There are some amazing bedheads that stand alone like pieces of art or they can be custom made to work in with the rest of the room."

When designing a room, it's important to first decide whether the bedhead will be the statement piece of the bedroom. If so, then choose the bedhead first and decorate the rest of the space with subtle attributes to the bedhead, such as colour of fabric.

Fabric bedheads are the most common, but there are many out of the box ideas. Try using different materials.

Some suggestions:
  • Recycled timber bedhead for an industrial look
  • Wicker bedhead for a tropical resort theme
  • A chalkboard bedhead is a fun and personal touch in a children's bedroom
  • Leather bedhead for a super contemporary look
  • Recycled timber doors for a vintage theme
  • Gilded bedhead for an antique theme
  • Bedheads with shelving and drawers for extra storage
Kirsten suggests another unique option is to hang artwork low above the bed to create an gallery style bedhead. "A gorgeous piece of artwork works fantastically was a bedhead. Place it low over the bed for fabulously artistic impact to a bedroom space," she said.

If the bedhead is not the statement piece of the space then choose or create a bedhead that fits the theme of the space without standing out or competing with the statement piece.

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