Thursday, 25 October 2012

Screen Time

Decorative screens are very much in vogue and are a versatile and practical way to decorate, separate or hide a space.

Used decoratively, screens can be used in wall niches and indoor and outdoor artwork.  They can be lit from above, below, even behind to create a fantastic feature in a space. The artwork can be customised too, such as panels made from a photo or hand drawn artwork.

In a practical sense, screens are now used as security screens, balconies, balustrades and fencing. They are fantastic as room dividers as they can still allow light and air to circulate. Decorative screens can also be used to hide unsightly areas such as water tanks, rubbish bins and pool filters.

There are an endless choice of materials when it comes to creating screens from timber for a natural, casual look to steel for an industrial and contemporary look. Laminex have recently released "Compact Laminate", a moisture resistent decorative paneling that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Kirstin Fowle from Windemere Interiors says decorative screens have come a long way and it is popular to customise them to suit you particular space. "Almost any type of screen can be customised, from front security doors to outdoor artwork. They have a fantastic practical and decorative application," she said. "We have had many screens customised from either photos we have scanned or sketches we have drawn."

Inspiration Gallery

Outdoor Screens

Custom screens in an Adenbrook Homes display

Indoor screens separate spaces

Image courtesy of Laminex


  1. Exactly what I am looking for!!! Thank you.
    where can I find these panels? Bunnings, Masters? Glynnis Henderson

  2. Hi Glynnis, thanks for sharing your interest in these gorgeous screens, we also love them! We have our screens custom made by different suppliers depending on the client's location, the material use and application of the screen. We would be happy to contact you regarding your needs, please contact and one of our Interior Designers will be in touch.