Friday, 29 April 2011

Window Dressing

Luxurious heavy draped curtains or light timber venetions, window dressing adds that finishing touch to a room. Functionality for privacy and light control, window treatments also add style and atmosphere to the room.

It’s important to start with functionality when choosing a window treatment for a room. Always consider first what you will need the window treatments to do. Bathrooms and bedrooms will require privacy, so narrow choices down to those that will screen out the neighbours. After that, the fun is choosing fabrics and materials to add your personal style to the room.

The interior of this little girl’s bedroom was custom designed by us. The gorgeous shoe print curtains set the overall theme for the room, with matching wallpaper and lamp completing the look.

With today’s modern materials, there’s an endless range of window treatments available and an interior designer can advise you on the latest products available, as well as help you create an overall theme for your room and home.

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