Thursday, 7 April 2011

Colour Your World

When choosing the colours and fixtures for your new home, the home as a whole should be considered and not just each room individually, for a flowing and consistent theme.

With an incredible range of options to choose from when it comes to paint colours, tiles, carpet, fixtures and cabinetry, it’s easy to get confused when making such a big selection.

A consultation with a professional interior designer should be considered an investment which will save you time, money and regret down the track. It also gives you access to the latest products that you may not normally find yourself.
Having an idea is all you need, and a good interior designer can intepret that for you.

We have clients that bring in photos of what they like, and we help them select everything from splashback to door handles. Because we have all the samples and suppliers in one place, we look at their plans and create a comprehensive colour schedule that the client can simply take to any builder. It saves them time and money visiting different suppliers while getting professionally advice on what will and won’t work.

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