Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cut it out!

Introducing wall openings are a great way to create light and openness to enclosed rooms.

Frameless with simple square lines, these openings between rooms are the current trned in modern homes.  They're easy to incorporate into the home design and add another open plan element to a layout.

With natural light and free flowing air between the rooms, wall openings make areas felel more spacious.  If rooms are without an external window, they will benefit from the natural light and air that flows from room to room.

Wall openings are a fantastic space to introduce decorative elements. There are endless options for decoration in this space and they can become a very striking feature.  In this home, we've installed metal leaf artwork screens to tie in with the East Est theme.  This is in the main hallway of the home and creates an entrance with impact.

There are many unique and creative decorative elements available for wall openings, wuch as bambook shutters and louvers.

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