Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lighting the Mood

Lamps are that unique piece that can create atmosphere, mood, ambience and style.

Whether it’s a welcoming light in the entrance hall or a stunning floor lamp in the lounge, lamps and the lighting they create are imperative to the style and feel of a room.

Lamps are not only a finishing piece that creates atmosphere, they can be a feature piece in their own right. There are some absolutely stunning lamps that can be the feature of an entire room, dictating the style of the rest of the decor.

There is an enormous range of fantastic and unique lamps available, but unfortunately not for the general public. The retail market is very small, but there is a large local and international range of lamps available to interiors designers, so we never have trouble finding that perfect piece for our clients.

The type of lamp and purpose of the lighting will also dictate how it’s used with the rest of the decor in the space. If the lamp is a feature piece, then it can stand on its own, with everything else working around it. a bedside table lamp works well with a cluster of photo frames, while a dramatic up lamp
shining onto a piece of artwork can take centre stage in a room.

If you’re having trouble finding that perfect lamp for a room or a space just doesn’t have atmosphere, speak to an interior designers about the lamps and lighting that’s perfect for you.

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