Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blissful Bedrooms

We spend almost half our life in bed. It's the place for rest, relaxation and to recharge the batteries so you want to make it as blissful as possible.

Edam Triffet from Windemere Interiors says colour is the most important aspect when it comes to creating a blissful bedroom. "Ensure the colour in your bedroom is restful and not too stimulating. Blues are considered calming while reds and purples incite passion. The vibrancy of the colour and not the colour itself is the key factor, so while yellow is considered a stimulating colour, a pale lemon would be much more tranquil than a canary yellow," says Edam. A safe option is to use neutral colours such as cream and taupe, and use accent colours in soft furnishings such as cushions and quilt covers.

Lighting is also an important factor in the bedroom, particularly if you are a light sleeper. Ensure you have good control over both natural lighting and electric lighting. Dimmer switches for main lighting will give you great control over the general lighting of the room, or consider using lamps for subtle ambient lighting and function lighting such as reading.

To control natural lighting, the latest technique is to have a double curtain track, with a blockout fabric at the back and sheer fabric at the front. This gives you the option for full blockout if you are trying to sleep, or the sheer curtains durig the day to allow some light in but still maintain privacy.

Edam's top tip for a blissful bedroom is not to skimp on linen and matresses. "You spend almost half your life in bed so quality sheets and a good matress are an investment."

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