Thursday, 1 September 2011

Study Nooks

Study nooks are becoming increasingly popular and can make great use of otherwise unused space. Under stairs, in hallways and on landings are just a few clever places for them.

Increasingly though, study nooks are created as an important part of the overall design, sometimes replacing full size studies by clever use of cabinetry.

Study nooks have become very popular as the laptop replaces the PC. With the compact size of laptops, the space needed to house them has become smaller so a nook is a sufficient size space," she said, "built in cabinetry will also maximise the use of the smaller space.

When designing a study nook, it's important to consider storage, lighting and power. Designing storage for books, files, stationary and electronic items like printers will keep the area neat and tidy. Built in cabinetry such as shelving, filing cabinets, bins and drawers, particularly if it's built to the ceiling and the floor will provide maximum storage.

Lighting is a very important aspect of a study nook and should be considered in the design stage. Lighting can be built into shelving to keep cords out of the way and even if you use desk lamps, ensure there are powerpoints, ethernet ports and phone points.

All this will keep your study nook practical and functional and looking neat and tidy, or doors can perhaps hide the all the mess away.

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