Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Meet the Designer - Kirstin Fowle

Growing up surrounded by her mother's extensive collection of art, fabrics and antique furniture gave Kirstin Fowle a lifelong passion for interior design.

The enthusiastic appreciation led her to study interior design at Southbank Institute of Technology, as well as colour psychology, feng shui and aspects of soft furnishings.  With a career including visual merchandising and freelance design, Kirstin is now an interior designer at Windemere Interiors, styling new and established properties for a variety of clients.

Kirstin says interior design is so much more than just choosing cushions and curtains, it's about understanding the client's style and designing around their needs and desires for space. While creativity plays the major component of her role, there's also the technical aspects, like creating comrehensive construction drawings and electrical plans.

The mix though is satisfying. "I love that every day is different to the last. Very rarely do I meet two clients who have the same tastes, desires and budgets. It's very satisfying to know that you have helped someone create the utmost potential from their home, whether it's a small renovation or a new build," she says.

With a personal style described as "eclectic", Kirstin loves to complement ultra modern design with vintage and antique elements. "Mixing the old with the new is a sure way to add an unique and stylish factor to any space."

Kirstin can be contacted at Windemere Interiors on 1300 606 400.

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