Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Throwing Cushion to the Wind!

Throw pillows add that sophisticated finishing touch, vibrant splash of colour and textural depth.

Whether casually thrown over a couch for an inviting comfy look, or carefully arranged on a guest bed for that welcoming touch, throw cushions can be used to create colour and interest to a space.

Katherine Martin from Windemere Interiors says there are unlimited ideas when it comes to throw cushions, but there are a few hints and tips that will help you coordinate the look.

(1) Use a variety of patterns and textures in the cushions to create depth and

(2) Use a variety of shapes and sizes in the cushion to create interest. A number of larger cushions though will look less cluttered than lots of smaller cushions.

(3) Use an uneven number of cushions on a couch or it will look very symmetrical and staged.

(4) Ensure the pillows compliment your overall colour theme. You don't have to use the exact colours, but hues or touches of complimentary colour will tie in the cushions with the rest of the space.

There's an endless choice when it comes to cushions. Go for quality over quantity and consult an interior designer if the look just isn't coming together for you.

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