Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cinematic Experience

The media lounge has become one of the favourite rooms in homes today. Whether it's watching a movie or playing on the XBox, it's a separate space to entertain or just some private space to enjoy your favourite show. There are some simple ways you can convert a room in your home to a media lounge.

Firstly and probably most importantly is the cinematics. It could be as simple as a television mounted to the wall and as elaborate as a home cinema complete with surround sound, projector and screen. It depends on your taste and budget.

Secondly, create a cinematic atmosphere. Plush pile carpet, heavy light blocking drapes and light dimmers will give the room that authentic movie feel and you could even put in some tiered flooring with lighting.

Finally, you can dress the room. Comfy couches, bean bags and cushions with low tables to put your popcorn and drinks. Frame some old movie posters to jazz up the walls and you have the ultimate media lounge for your home.

Some of the media lounges we have designed and decorated

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