Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Master Bedrooms and Retreats

Master bedrooms and retreats are evolving from a bedroom with an ensuite to havens to escape the world, and maybe even the household. Today's new designs include retreats, private balconies and reading nooks to create a little sanctuary for parents.

Lindy Evans from Windemere Interiors, says you should see your master bedroom as a retreat and not just a place to sleep. "Think of your master bedroom as your haven where you can spend quality time for yourself," she said, "a little thought into how you decorate this room will go a long way later."

If you're redecorating a master bedroom, Lindy has a few tips to turn the space into a private sanctum.

Don't be afraid of using dark colours on the walls. It's the only room that you can get away with this. Charcoals, chocolates and burgundies create a feeling of opulence and luxury.

Invest in a good quality bed and high thread-count linen. If you are going to spend precious time here then invest in quality for these essentials. It will last longer in the long run. 

Create a retreat. Even if you only have a small space, you can set up a reading chair and lamp for some time out.

Ensure you have appropriate storage. Don't clutter your retreat space with clothes and books. Build or create shelves and storage to keep the area clear and relaxing.

Use dark window treatments. Heavy, sun blocking drapes or blinds will help you get a restful slumber.

Master Bedroom and Retreat Inspiration Gallery from Windemere Interiors

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