Thursday, 12 April 2012

Feature Lighting Takes Centre Stage

Lighting today isn't just for brightening up a room to see. Feature lighting has taken centre stage from decadent floor lamps to opulent chandeliers; they can be the statement piece of a room.

There are many styles of feature lighting and not limited to lamps. Ceiling pendants, downlights, floor and wall lights, floor lamps and even a beautiful desk lamp can create a feature piece in a space.

Kirstin Fowle, from Windemere Interiors, says feature lighting in itself creates an aura and draws your attention purely for the light it emits. "Particularly at night, the warmth and glow of lighting creates a statement. Start your space with your feature lighting piece and decorate the rest of the room around this. A bold and beautiful floor lamp in striking and classic art deco style is a wonderful inspiration. Use this in the centre of the space and pair with subtle furnishings of that era."

Feature lighting is also starting to create impact in rooms of the house that were previously reserved as the "practical areas of the home". Feature lighting in the kitchen is becoming very popular, including LED lighting under kitchen island benches and above bulkheads and ceiling pendants over benchtops. Bathrooms are also becoming spaces for amazing feature lighting, with chandeliers, inbuilt floor lighting and downlights over mirrors.

Feature lighting can be married with other pieces in a room to create impact. Feature lighting directed towards a piece of artwork can create a bold statement in a space, or a beautiful floor lamp over a antique chair and sidetable will instantly create appeal in a room. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Inspiration Gallery from Windemere Interiors

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