Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Living Space Furniture

When a home is described as having multiple living spaces, that can mean any number of defined living areas, all with different furniture needs.

Lindy Evans from Windemere Interiors says it's important to establish what type of living space the area is before before committing to furniture. "Generally, defining whether the space will have a television or projector will guide you to the type of furniture you will need.

The lounge room is the most common living space in a home. A place for the family to relax and watch television, seating should be appropriately arranged so that everyone has clear view of the television and also enough view of each other for when the television is off. A modular lounge either in an L shape or U shape with a central coffee table is perfect for this.

A sitting room has no need for television and is centred around conversation, so the need for face to face contact is essential. Couches or lounges facing each other over a coffee table works in this situation. A mix of single, two and three seaters add flexibility.

Media rooms are becoming more common in the modern household. As their purpose is purely cinema or media, singe chairs or couches all facing the screen is appropriate, perhaps with individual side tables. Tiered seating creates an authentic touch.

Other living spaces include formal lounge rooms, rumpus rooms, retreats and alfrescos, all with different furniture needs to make the space work.

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