Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sweet on Ensuites

They are often the smallest space in the home, but the ensuite can also be the most used area so interior design are important factors to maximise space.

Kirstin Fowle from Windemere Interiors says regardless of whether an ensuite is small and function or large and luxurious, there are a number of ideas to help open up the area and make the best use of the space. "The principle of design are the same for any size ensuite, but the decoration you choose is only limited by your imagination. These days, ensuites can be decadent and luxurious or minimal and practical, the main aim though is to make best use of your available space."

Kirstin's tips 

  • Full height tiling creates a seamless look to the space. Larger, lighter tiles will make the space feel larger.
  • Shower frames can look bulky and interrupt the flow in a small space. Try frameless screens or create a "wet room" with no screens at all.
  • Wall hung toilets take up minimal space in the room.
  • Choose tile grout in a similar colour to tiles to create a seamless space.
  • A built in shaving cabinet will create additional storage without taking up additional space.
  • Instead of tiles use painted glass, the colour options are endless and the smooth surface creates a light and contemporary look.

Trends for ensuites
  • His and hers vanities and mirrors are both practical and luxurious. Don't forget about storage.
  • Larger shower in lieu of a bath with double his and her showerheads.
  • Feature lighting such as a small chandelier or pendant light creates a sense of luxury. 
  • Contrasting tile grout will make the tiles standout.
  • Don’t be afraid to use pop colour, white ensuites can sometimes look sterile.

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