Thursday, 17 November 2011

Setting a realistic budget

Setting a realistic budget for interior decorating will help you achieve your decorating goals without blowing the budget.

A beautifully dressed room like the ones you see in magazines have so many elements working together to create that look. When creating your own look, there are definite advantages to setting a realistic budget.

While your large furniture items are relatively easy to budget for, it’s the smaller decorative items that finish and dress a room that can add up quickly and blow the budget. For example when it comes to a lounge room, it’s easy to budget for a lounge, coffee table and a couple of lamps. but to fully dress a room, you also need to account for cushions, rugs, maybe some photo frames, side tables and perhaps a decorative bowl. that all adds up.

Edam Triffett from Windemere interiors says setting a realistic budget for your entire project will help to avoid disappointment or a major budget blowout and he has one top tip to help. “go through magazines and pull out pages of rooms dressed as you would like them. use the internet or the phone and mark an approximate price for every single item in that room, and the total sum should be your approximate realistic budget. repeat this for every room you would like to decorate and that will give you an overall budget.

If you are doing a large scale decoration, consider the services of an interior designer. interior designers have access to wholesale rates and can have items custom made for prices competitive to retail. the difference will be the room will be decorated to reflect your style with unique and personal and not the retail style that is “in” at the moment. and the interior designer will do all the legwork for you.

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