Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Splashback Splendour

Kitchen splashbacks are not only practical, but can be a feature in itself. Originally designed to protect plasterboard or timber behind the cooking space from splashes and dirt, the modern splashbacks have become an integral part of the design of the kitchen.

There are many materials that can be used for splashbacks. Tiles are the most commonly used and with an endless selection available, it’s easy to find ones that suit your style and budget. It’s also easy to carry that theme to other parts of the home including the bathroom or laundry.

Glass splashbacks have become very popular in recent times. Easy to clean and hard wearing they come in naturally tinted green, solid colours, metallic colours and you can even have photo printed glass splashbacks.

Edam Triffett from Windemere Interiors say splashbacks can be both a design feature and a practical application. “There’s an endless range of splashback options and that means you will always find something that suits your style,” he said. “If you choose for the splashback to be your feature, ensure it doesn’t clash with anything else by making the remaining cabinetry a neutral tone, like a canvas.”

This above kitchen was designed by Windemere Interiors and features a striking glass splashback in “Burnt Toffee”. To ensure the cabinetry didn’t compete with the bold colour, neutral tones of warm cream and coffee were used.

If you’d like a change in your kitchen, updating the splashback could be a quick and simple solution. Speak to the team at Windemere Interiors about the options available.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with what was said. I definitely prefer glass splashbacks myself.