Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Windemere's Top Tips for Sale

Properly preparing your home for sale can mean thousands of dollars difference. Windemere Interiors share their top pre sale tips for the interior of your home.

Declutter it!

  • Potential buyers are not looking to view all your lovely (and not so lovely) things in your space, they’re looking to imagine all their lovely things in their new space. Keep surfaces and benchtops clean and clear! Box up all the paperwork and trinkets and ship them offsite.
  • Clear any personal items, such as toiletries, make up, photos.
  • Homes should be dressed to accentuate the space and their possibilities so ship any excess items, including those in cupboards, off to storage.
  • Clean it!
  • Dust it, polish it, scrub it, wipe it, soak it, wash it and disinfect it. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Scrub and wipe down walls and floors, move furniture and clean behind it, and give everything a thorough dusting.

Fix it!

  • Anything that’s not working, fix it or replace it, particularly if they are part of the house. Blown lightbulbs are the most common, but broken screens, fans and sticky windows are also common. Consider hiring a handyman to fix all these in one go if you’re not very handy around the house.

Upgrade it!

  • Upgrade small fixtures such as tap fittings, showerheads, towel rails and cabinet handles. These will lift the standard of your home which all translates into sales dollars.

Present it!

  • Show the home in the best light. Choose a time that will subtly light the home and use mood lighting from lamps for ambience.
  • Be aware of the temperature and have a fan running at low speed if it’s hot or run the air conditioner and switch it off before visitors arrive.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens should have a subtle hint of non-scented disinfectant and bedrooms and living areas should be thoroughly aired out to rid and musty smells.
  • Clean out rubbish bins and dishwashers and put out fresh towels and linen.

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